Once, when my best friend from high school came to visit me here in LA, we immediately reverted to our younger selves. We spent the majority of the weekend playing Halo and ate a diet that was 90% pizza and soda. We had a blast.

I remember when the idea of services like Xbox Live were considered phenomenal. "I can play with my friends on my own TV at home." The idea of not being forced to play a game on split screen was seen as a godsend, especially when your friend has a habit of screen-looking so he could kill you more effectively. But now, as much as I enjoy some online games, I found that I missed the days of LAN Parties where everyone was together in a room playing. I think that desire is one of the reasons we're undergoing a renaissance in tabletop games. It's also the reason that my gaming group regularly plays together in the same room, even for something like Heroes of the Storm or Star Wars: The Old Republic. There's something about playing together in the same room that makes it special. It's that feeling that's the inspiration behind LAN Party over Team Blue Post. It's not just videos of gameplay—what makes it special is that we're in a room playing together.