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Nobodies "Podbusters" — TV Land

Password: stoodley1

Video Editor

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Video Editor


Training to Win — Team Blue Post

Training to Win :30 Promo — Team Blue Post

Writer, Co-Director

Writer, Co-Director

Short Films

Blind (2012)

Director, Writer

Mary has just returned home from Iraq where her injuries left her blind.  


Via Conversio

Director, Co-Writer

Michael is forced to decide between following his dreams, or following the path set for him by his father. 

A Personal Rule (2013)

Director, Writer, Editor

Will must decide if his career will stand in the way of a new relationship.


Watch This Show

Director, Writer, Editor

Joseph decides to start a web series after a video he made goes viral on YouTube.  

Music Videos

Bank Robbery Prelude

Director, Camera, Editor

"Growing Pains" by Small Town Disaster

Camera, Editor


Work of Staggering Genius

Producer, Editor, Camera


The Blue Post Podcast

Producer, Editor