"Star Wars: Legion" stole the show at this year’s Gen Con

Charlie Hall for Polygon:

"One of the highlights of the game is how quickly it moves. Take the infantry teams, for example. Each is divided into units of five. Measurements are only needed to move the leader, and subsequent units can be placed nearby at will so long as they’re within a minimum range. No rulers are required, and all measurements are taken with out-of-the-box components."


"The game’s systems also pull from Star Wars lore as much as possible. Speeder Bikes are high-speed units and great for flaking, but when activated they must take a movement action. If they cannot complete their move and hit a piece of terrain, they have a good chance of blowing up on the spot."

This game just sounds fun. Can't wait until I can get my hands on it. But you should check out the full Polygon artcile, the photos are gorgeous.