Still Flyin'

Back in 2005, when I first saw the trailer for Serenity, I had never heard of Firefly. All I knew as the trailer played was that I found something appealing about the film. I didn't know what it was, but I knew I wanted to see it. Yet, the world conspired against me, and I never saw Serenity in theaters until last year. But I did have a teacher who wanted to nurture my inner aspiring filmmaker, and he loaned me a copy of Firefly on DVD. I've been a Browncoat ever since.

Firefly came at an interesting time. It came out before the "TV Renaissance", and I was usually quick to judge television as the lesser artform compared to my beloved film. Firefly helped change that. Within a few minutes, I was sucked into a universe the way Star Wars and Lord of the Rings had sucked me in before. It felt real and alive, not stiff and sterile like the Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns on TV. I lurked on the fan forums, I read the comics, I even bought CDs of fan music. Firefly crept into the heart of my creative process, and even now when I'm working on a script, I see little hints of it sprinkled throughout. Firefly is what made me start to take television seriously.

A selfie I snagged with Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con in 2009.

The show may have first aired fifteen years ago, but you can't stop the signal.