It’s time for Congress to fire the FCC chairman

Gigi Sohn—who served as counselor for former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler—in an op-ed for The Verge:

"The Senate vote on Pai is imminent. When it happens, it will be a stark referendum on the kind of communications networks and consumer protections we want to see in this country. Senators can choose a toothless FCC that will protect huge companies, allow them to further consolidate, charge higher prices with worsening service, and a create bigger disconnect between broadband haves and have-nots. Or, they can vote for what the FCC is supposed to do: protect consumers, promote competition, and ensure access for all Americans, including the most vulnerable. It shouldn’t be a hard decision, and what we’ve seen over the past eight months makes the stakes clear."

Remember how we thought the fight to preserve net neutrality was over? Ajit Pai is the reason we have to continue that fight.