50 Words or Less

I'm trying something new. Whenever I catch a movie in the theater, I'll sit down and write a review of the film. But, seeing as I'm incredibly lazy and don't actually want to write some long-winded, in-depth reviews, I'm going to write short reviews. Like, really short reviews. As in reviews nine words shorter than this paragraph.

I'm calling this project 50 Words or Less. The reviews will be posted here on A Rant In Progress and at 50words.reviews. If you want to stay up-to-date, you can also follow @50WordsReviews on Twitter.

These reviews will use an easy to understand, emoji-based ratings system:

Must See 🎟
Thumbs Up 👍
Thumbs Down 👎
Avoid at all costs 🚫

Edit: The reviews are no longer being posted to A Rant In Progress. The newest review can be seen in the sidebar, and all reviews are posted here.